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About Me

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Appetite for Observation

This love of photography began with a trip to the southwest in 1999 after graduating high school. At the time, I was armed with a 35mm film point and shoot camera taking photos wherever we went, mainly The Grand Canyon. I remember getting the images printed from CVS (eek!) and I was hooked. Well, mostly. While those images reminded me of an amazing trip, they never captured the true feeling of awe that I felt while there. It was a desire to capture hat feeling of a moment, or a place,  that gave me a spark.

Since that trip, I've been chasing that feeling of capturing emotion in a photograph. In 2001, I was fortunate to spend a semester in Florence, Italy, where I began to tie my love of architecture together with my new love of photography. 

I've been in Massachusetts for over 20 years and have met so many great people through photography and enjoy the challenge of being entrusted to capture moments + scenes for families, designers, creators, and colleagues.

I hope you enjoy the images that I share, and I look forward to the opportunity of collaborating together in the future.

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